Male gynecomastia cosmetic surgery

Many men have excess fat deposits in their chest area. These fat deposits are often resistant to exercise and dieting. The cosmetic procedure known as gynecomastia, or male breast reduction available at our Birmingham, Alabama cosmetic surgery center, removes these fat deposits, giving you a flatter chest with improved contour and muscle definition. ]

You also may qualify for insurance coverage.

To find out how you might benefit from a male breast reduction procedure, contact Birmingham, Alabama cosmetic surgery experts at Premier Plastic Surgery Center today or fill out the form below.

Before and after pictures

  • Before-Patient 1 - 6 weeks post-operative (scars are still immature)
    After-Patient 1 - 6 weeks post-operative (scars are still immature)
    BeforePatient 1 - 6 weeks post-operative (scars are still immature) After
  • Before-Patient 2
    After-Patient 2
    BeforePatient 2After

Male breast reduction is available for our Birmingham, Alabama area patients at the Premier Plastic Surgery Center. Let us show you how you can benefit from this procedure.

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