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Breast Reduction

Women with very large breasts may suffer from physical and psychological problems, including back and neck pain, skeletal deformities, and extreme self-consciousness. Breast reduction, performed at our Birmingham, Alabama plastic surgery center, can reduce or eliminate these problems.

You also may qualify for insurance coverage.

During the initial consultation, patients should candidly discuss their medical history and surgical expectations with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peter Van Hoy. Dr. Van Hoy will determine the best techniques to use during surgery that produce the best outcome for the patients. Post-operative instructions and an explanation of the post-breast reduction surgery healing process is discussed.

During the procedure, incisions are placed as inconspicuously as possible. Excess breast fat and tissue are removed, the nipple and areola are repositioned, the areola is reduced if necessary, and the skin is stitched closed. Most patients retain nipple sensitivity and are able to breast-feed.

There are risks involved with breast reduction surgery. The Birmingham, Alabama area cosmetic surgery professionals at Premier Plastic Surgery Center discusses all risks in depth with each patient. Risks include bleeding, infection, and adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Permanent loss of sensation can occur.

Before and after pictures

  • Before-Patient 1 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    After-Patient 1 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    BeforePatient 1 - Mammoplasty (Reduction) After
  • Before-Patient 2 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    After-Patient 2 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    BeforePatient 2 - Mammoplasty (Reduction) After
  • Before-Patient 3 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    After-Patient 3 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    BeforePatient 3 - Mammoplasty (Reduction) After
  • Before-Patient 4 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    After-Patient 4 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    BeforePatient 4 - Mammoplasty (Reduction) After
  • Before-Patient 5 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    After-Patient 5 - Mammoplasty (Reduction)
    BeforePatient 5 - Mammoplasty (Reduction) After
  • Before-Patient 6 - Bilateral Breast Reduction
    After-Patient 6 - Bilateral Breast Reduction
    BeforePatient 6 - Bilateral Breast Reduction After
  • Before- Patient 7 - Bilateral Breast Reduction
    After- Patient 7 - Bilateral Breast Reduction
    Before Patient 7 - Bilateral Breast Reduction After

Breast reduction is performed at our Birmingham, Alabama plastic surgery center. Contact Dr. Peter Van Hoy with the Premier Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a confidential consultation.

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